Increasing Yeilds and Decreasing Downgrades


All of our fingers are approved by the USDA and safe for contact with food. We use only the highest quality rubber to manufacture the longest lasting and highest performance finger possible. All of our fingers are offered in a wide variety of sizes and hardness degrees to properly fit your exact needs as a customer. Some machines will require a special style of finger to gurantee proper picking performance. If we do not have a finger to suit your needs we will work along side your team to get the proper finger designed so you may improve your plant's productivity.    



At LBA Distributors we are a different type of sales and consulting service. Being founded by an industry expert we offer over 50 years of collective experience. Our solutions are based on industry knowledge and key production strategies. There is always a solution that we can supply that will provide optimal results. With so much change within the industry, allow us to provide some stability. 



Our service at LBA is specific to picking fingers. With all of the world's rubber coming from Southeast Asia we understand first hand the importance of your inventory. The average ship time is 6 weeks between orders. Without picking fingers you can not run your processing plant. Logistics management and inventory control is a major part of the service we provide to you as a customer. We pride ourselves in never letting a customer run out of inventory. Once we establish the fingers you use, we will make every effort within our means to always keep your line moving.