LBA Distributors is a small, hard-working sales and consulting firm based in Gainesville, Georgia. We strive to bring our customers competitive pricing on picking fingers along with decades of experience in the overall evisceration process.
Founded by Larry Dewberry, LBA Distributors, has over 50 years worth of knowledge in chicken processing. Larry played an intergal role in developing certain rubber compounds that are still used in picking machines today. Standing strong with his opinion on the importance of proper picking, Larry has influenced how modern day processing is done. Improper scalding and aggresive picking can destroy birds along with your profit margin. Our team will do everything neccessary to ensure your evisceration process does not down-grade a single bird. Once in your picking room, we will give a thorough examination of your scalding temperatures, picking speeds and angles, and finger grade used, giving us a baseline on which areas should be improved.  
After the initial examination, we will present and discuss our plan on how to optimize your picking machines. There may only be a few minor adjustments that are needed, but these changes can greatly increase yeilds over a short period of time. Following up on a monthly schedule is our standard practice, however any issues that may occur will be addressed immediately.    
It is a fine art to pick a chicken without incuring damage, unfortunately this art has been ignored for many years. Let us show you how the process has worked for decades.  
Larry Dewberry
Larry Dewbery

Larry helped design and develop many of the picking processes and rubber compounds still used today. Although, Larry is officially retired, he still makes time to share his decades worth of knowledge to any of our customers.