​Our mission at LBA is to provide processing facilities a partnership that will last longer than just the sale. By partnering with poultry plants we can offer decades worth of knowledge, specifically in the evisceration process. By increasing yields and reducing downgraded birds, we can instantly add value to your operation.  



By working with each plant individually, we are able to fine-tune each picking machine to operate at its maximim capacity. Each machine, each room, and each plant is different and each one should be set up independently. We measure the rubber compound you are currently using and will confirm or deny that you are using the proper grade of rubber. All of our suggestions come from the Shore A scale of hardness, which conform to international standards. Using calipers we also measure the diameters fo your plates to ensure proper fitting fingers.        



Over the decades we have worked with a large percentage of the processing plants in the country, at one point in time. We are now focused on bringing a personal touch, which is needed in our industry, back to the processing plants. No plant is too big or too small for our attention. While we are a small business compaired to others in the market, we provide unmatched customer service. 

Value Added to your Bottom Line! 

Our goal at LBA Distributors is to provide the proper grade of picking finger to ensure the lowest percent of downgraded birds, in both small and large operations.

Our team will provide a wide range of picking fingers to fit all machines on the international market. Using the highest grade of rubber available along with a proprietatory solution, our fingers are distributed in countries all over the world.